Covington York History

Covington York History

  Universal Declaration of Human Rights      

Freedom isn't Free. Many died for yours.

Keep informed. Be vigilant.

Be Prepared to defend your freedoms soon

Our flag stands for Life, Liberty, Justice and well being for All  

Humans need a Code of Conduct for all.
Bring no harm to another by your actions or inaction.   

                    Support the rule of Law and protect our Constitution   See The Constitution

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution - "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.

A big problem that has been around a long time is GREED. But now Corporate Greed is hurting people here and around the world. Corportations for the most part are there to make money and don't care about people even their own employees. And CEO greed and the greed of higher ups in many organizations and in government is sapping the life out of the middle class. Example: Walmart just pays its employees the least it can while the executives get millions. This forces many employees to apply for food stamps and welfare which results in taxpayers supporting Walmart's employees to the tune of billions of dollars taken from the taxpayers.

Another Idea that needs to be put into law is that Private and public organizations should not be permitted to sell information about you without your written permission.

What can we learn from the past? Is the Air and Water as Clean? Are people as Safe, Happy and Caring? Are our children Better Educated? Does America still stand for Life, Liberty, Justice and pursuit of Happiness for all? And can a man find a decent job that enables him to support his family? To learn from history ask questions. Example: Were people put first or profits? Were the greedy allowed to rule?

Here are a few Wonderful Places of Beauty in Our America.  Turn on your sound!  Must see World Trade Center Fountain and music and My Country BEAUTIFUL and Grand Canyon   See Thanks Soldiers


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Scouting, Important things to know from the Scout Handbook Some of these could save your life.

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                    Covington York NY History

          Many of our folks gave their lives so that they and their children could live in Freedom.

          Let us not forget that. Teach our children that FREEDOM ISN'T FREE.




Covington Peoria York History from authoritative sources
The Covington and York areas are part of the Genesee River basin through which the Genesee River flows. This Valley was known for Centuries by the locals with various names as Pleasant Valley in the last eight thousand or so years it has been covered with forests and has many small streams. The early peoples made canoes and used the rivers for transportation. It was easier to go by water that it was to try to walk through the dense wilderness. The area was a favorite hunting ground of the Seneca Indians who were the most powerful and warlike of the tribes forming the Iroquois Nation. The Indians have lived here for thousands of years having many wars and and bloody feuds. Sometimes they lived in peace. The women did much of the work besides planting and tending crops. The men would fish and hunt and kill those they did not like. Their culture was more warfare than peace so they had to be ready to fight and defend their tribe. They could show kindness and occasionally did but they did torture prisoners including settlers and missionaries and practiced cannibalism.
At first the Indians were in general friendly but as they were repeatedly abused and taken advantaged of, they had to fight. The Europeans broke every treaty they made with the Indians.
As more and more settlers moved West the Indians were forced to retreat. There were many bloody battles. Many innocent people died many people were taken as slaves. Sometimes children were taken and grew up in Indian Villages and did not know the European ways and grew up as Indians.

Covington is a township bordering York on its south west side. When York was formed it took part of Covington with it. The town was named after General Leonard Covington. The Town of Covington was created in 1817 from the Towns of Perry and Le Roy (in Genesee County). As of the census[3] of 2000, there were 1,357 people, 473 households, and 377 families residing in the town. (from Wikipedia) Area is Square Miles 26.1 with 16,704 acres.

The township of York has an area of 29,069 acres and a population in 1875 of 2483. (Doty 680) The town has good soil especially adapted to the culture of winter wheat (Doty 681) Greigsville on the south part of the Town contains one church and 22 houses. Piffard located in the southeast part of the town is situated on the Genesee Valley Canal and contains one church 23 houses a stream sawmill warehouses and stores. York Center is in the geographical center of the town. There are four churches in the village, several stores, a hotel, a furnace, and this was once a very busy and thriving Village. (Doty 681) The township itself has nine churches which includes two Presbyterian two Methodist one Baptist one Congregationalist, one Associated Presbyterian, one Associated Reformed Presbyterian, and one Reformed Presbyterian. In 1830 the York scientific and literary Institute was opened at York Center. This hosted 40 to 50 students. The study was about languages, mathematics and English. 681) (Doty p...)

Settlement started in the town in 1800 by several Scotch families among whom were Donald and John McKenzie, Angus McBean John and Alexander Fraser, Archibald Gillis, and John McCall. There were also Stewarts. These formed a colony of settlers from Scotland. (Doty 682) Ralph Brown who located here in 1808 purchased and owned the land where the village of York now stands. He built a small log house and opened it for the accommodation of Travelers. (Doty 682) In 1809 John Russ and his cousin John Darling started to build building a log cabin York. They were probably the first three people to build cabins in York.

          For a more detailed history see: Brief better history of Covington and York.

The Olivet Cemetery is a jewel of history that has been around since about 1830. I live in Michigan so can't get to the deed office to check. Just a note about your historian. My great great grand parent and his family is buried in Olivet Cemetery. When I came here in May of 2016, I discovered that no one had indexed the burials or photographed the stones or made a list of locations. In fact no one knew much about it. Online there was next to nothing about it and the burials there. So I photographed every stone in Olivet Cemetery walking by row. When I got home to Warren Michigan I renamed each picture file and placed them in the order taken. Then I spent a few weeks making a list of who was buried where. I also made an alphabetical Index of all known stones. Then I made charts and a Quick finder. I placed all of this including the pictures on a Google Drive that can be shared with anyone interested. I shared this with the Covington United Presbyterian Church whose cemetery this really is. and with a few other people. That Google drive is also backed up by Google so is very safe. I started asking around and found very few persons are really interested in Covington-York history but a few people are especially those of us who have ancestors buried there.

I also noticed that no one has done a study of local residents in the 1800s so I began one to help those doing family research in this area. Because of time I have limited it to the Covington and York general areas. In the course of the study there was discovered families living in Pavilion, Gainsville etc. that should be included. Anyway that study is currently ongoing. Anyone who would like to add information feel free to contact me. I use for my public email which I read at least weekly.

I will also make this web page into a resource page for people doing family research, and students and teachers interested in local history.

        Also there are many informative links on this page. I hope you find these educational, informative, interesting and fun.

      Olivet Cemetery Index By Professor Wesley Arnold

      Olivet west stones listed with locations by Professor Wesley Arnold

      Olivet east stones listed with locations By Professor Wesley Arnold

      Olivet west chart By Professor Wesley Arnold

      Olivet east chart By Professor Wesley Arnold

      Stone Locator By Professor Wesley Arnold

      Covington York area Families.docx This is being worked on daily By Professor Wesley Arnold

      Town of Covington

      Wyoming County Wyoming County Gen Web Betty is my Heroine

      Wyoming County NY Genealogy Trails History Group

      Livingston County New York

      Town of York Historical Society

      US Gen Web with links to every state

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      Town of York NY

      Covington United Presbyterian Church Olivet Cemetery's Mother

      Cyndi's List The Best Free genealogy Information Site

      Covington York History Professor Wesley Arnold's site

      DOMOSTGOODFORALL Great, has up to date info, old music, history, SCHOLARSHIPS

      Saratoga County NY History Where many of our pioneers came from

      Americon Legion Warning MUST READ

      What other Americans are saying now better read this

      Friends of Covington-York History Others who are interested in our local history





         Remember our farmers who put down their plows and became minutemen to fight the enemy and save ur way of life.

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    Hear many examples of older music Older Music Favorites 1800-1980s Enjoyable!

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Plus Wonderful Places of Beauty in Our America.  Turn on your sound!  Must see World Trade Center Fountain and music and My Country BEAUTIFUL and Grand Canyon   See Thanks Soldiers  

Important Technology


Make The Golden Rule the expectation and standard of human conduct.

Humans need a Code of Conduct for all. That Code of Conduct should be:

Don't do to others what you would not want done to yourself.
Bring no harm to another by your actions or inaction.    

First Turn on your sound and relax while we see the Grand Canyon
with nice music.
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This first Section here is Beautiful places in America

Must see 1WTC at night nice music WONDERFUL    see Havasu Falls      wow   Historic Trip View        GC Flyover        new 9/11 memorial at ground zero    
New World Trade Center 2013   
New WTC fly thru    
One World Trade Center nears completion    
Quick Look at New WTC   
National September 11 Memorial & Museum    
Yellowstone        Old Faithful       Niagara Falls        Grand Canyon 5 Minute history       Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour    1     Helicopter Flight    2     Arizona Raft Adventures      1 Minute Good.   River Rafting Moments    3 min     Riding the Colorado    River     Take A Deep Breath of Fall | Pure Michigan              
Grand Canyon in IMAX    

See what Americans really think Colorful, Interesting, Amusing and Informative.
Astounding Current History a few clips you must see.

Has technology gone too far? Cara Human Robot
At oceanpark Dina Baby
Even more Human Like Robot
pen computer
Glasses replacing computer screen
Carl Sagan on "Who speaks for Earth?"

You will find some of the world's finest music on this web site here are two for listening while reading
Johann Pachelbel Canon Piano (George Winston)   Pachelbel Canon - Boston Pops Orchestra  
Just good music Band of Brothers
10 beautiful soundtracks from 10 beautiful movies

Lessons of History        Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance    
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Carl Sagan on "Who speaks for Earth?"    DID YOU KNOW?   


Hearable History of American Music
800 best Music pieces of the Past Music of the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and so on plus Old Favorites, American Patriotic Music of the Past, Good Instrumental, Beautiful Music, Movie themes, TV Favorites, Bonanza, Mission Impossible, Mitch Miller, Star Wars. Some of the Best Classical, Christmas Music, Music by instrument, by Bands like Leroy Anderson, Bert Kaempfert, Mitch Miller, a few special wonderful Childrens pieces Puff, Be Kind to Web Footed Friends, also some just magnificent pieces and etc.
All are on the Our Music History page.
Only a few samples are here below   Some Have an Important Message

Inaugural This Land is Your Land       Has the secret verses Times They Are a Changing   
Try a little Kindness       Blowin in the wind       This Land is Your Land Arlo Guthrie       
God Bless America"       America-Why I love her; John Wayne       Put a Little Love in Your Heart     If I had a hammer Peter Paul and Mary     One tin Soldier   Flag Stands for Freedom   
Where Have All The Flowers Gone     PP&M 9/11 Freedom Isn't Free Tribute to Heros & Victims    
P S Ode to Joy then Orchestra & Choir    You can be a Beacon     Star Spangled Banner    
America's National Anthem all verses sung with all lyrics on screen
My Country Tis of Thee with lyrics on screen, nice
God Bless America Great
America The Beautiful nice
America My Country Tis of Thee        Battle Cry of Freedom and other older songs
Support Our Troops      Inch by Inch   
Amazing! Christmas Canon -Trans-Siberian Orchestra   


Enya - Watermark   Enya - Orinoco Flow   ENYA - a day without rain     Enya - Caribbean Blue    Titanic - 1912 Original Video Footage    Enya - The Memory of Trees
Bobby Vinton to Old Lang Syne Better Words MUST HEAR!

Christmas 'Round The World (Neil Sedaka)    Johnny Cash This Land America    America The Beautiful    
Beautiful Pictures singer Frank Sinatra

Leroy Anderson-Fiddle Faddle    78 rpm -Typewriter     Plink Plank Plunk
  Syncopated Clock (Leroy Anderson)     The Waltzing Cat     Leroy Anderson's A Christmas Festiva
  Simple Gifts 1    high school orchestra     That Happy Feeling     Bert Kaempfert - Sentimental Journey    Swingin' Safari     Green Onions Frank Mills Music box dancer Frank Mills Happy Song
  Peter Piper    Poet and I - Frank Mills    .    
In The Good Old Summertime    Yankee Doodle    Symphony, Auld Lang Syne    Memorial    MARINES HYMN   Ludwig Van Beethoven-- Ode to Joy


We support the Proposed 28th Amendment to the US Constitution - "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.
We support a 29 Amendment that will secure the personal privacy of all Americans   And that Private and public organizations should not be permitted to sell information about you without your written permission.

MILLIONS of years before present to 1699
Click on Prehistory to see
Spaceship Earth       Geology    plate tectonics animation     Birth of the Earth & Beginning of Life on Earth   The Local Animals     The Secret Planet Earth;    Structure of the Earth    Earth: Making of a Planet - National Geographic     Dinosaurs    Walking With Dinosaurs: The Feathered Dinosaur       Early Earth and Plate Tectonics      wolves attack moose    650 Million Years in under 2 minutes     Basics of Geography: Climate     Howling Wolves     Wolf Pack Howl     Space School- Strange Things In Space     very interesting    

INDIANS and how they lived
Click on Indians to see videos, history and stories about them Also see America before Columbus, Life in the Stone Age, Wolves, Cougar, Native American dances,

The American Revolution and War of 1812 Click here
Constitution 1787

      Bill of Rights 1791
    Many are almost gone today.
Political correctness is censorship.
Are Americans becoming a minority in their own country?
    America's Song   Story of Yankee Doodle    Cutting Big Trees     Way of Life in Good Old Days

Diary of American Farmer This is Daniel Stewart's Diarys 1868-1904

Daily Activity & Diaries    
Grandpa Jones The Banjo Am The  Instrument For Me
Log Cabins     1800 Things    1800 Inside

Farm Animals     stuck tractors    Baby Animals
What did Settlers Eat?    Farmers    Get A Horse
Best John Wayne Quote - ever!
Garry Owen ( American military march )
Roy Clark & Grampa Jones - Born To Be
Way of Life Views     Way of Life Views 3 .    Way of Life Views 4
Video Old scenes Which Side are you on?    Universal Piano Roll - Tuneful Broadway - Ragtime Overtures   EndorseLiberty

This history is dedicated to our soldiers and veterans.  If you are free, thank us Vets. Many died in battles defending your freedom. Remember those who died and who served.

Thank you Veterans  (turn on sound first) 50 seconds must see   Click here see Thanks  

The American's Creed "I believe in the United States of America, as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it, to support its Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies." William Tyler Page, The American's Creed

CountryStore Country Store    Inside Old Stores

To See Old time Doings Click on Old Time Doings

To see our Church History and Bells Click on Churches See Big Bells including Big Ben Cemeteries Civil War click on Civil War History and Videos

Age of Steam     Transportation    Engine 1225    Train Travel 1800s

Train travel was better than flying is now and still is. You can get up and walk around. Lots of rest rooms. Dining car or snacks sold. Has sleeping and lounge cars. Constantly changing scenery. Often good companionship.
Leviathan Running
Chasing the SP Daylight 4449     Freedom Train 
This Land is Your Land
Our Steam Powered Sawmills     TRAINS UNLIMITED.."STEAM TRAINS"    Steam Power

To See More on Trains and Trollys click
Here Watch some great videos. Wonderful trips also. Durango Silverton. Amtrak accross the USA Did your auto get stuck? We have horses to rent. Get a horse. Much more reliable.

Something to listen to while you are reading Player Piano playing Fur Elise



Home Organ

The historic old home organs were in many homes. They were reed organs that were pumped by foot peddels. My Country 'Tis Of Thee on Old Pump Organ   Piano Cased Organ   Cindy playing an antique pump organ   antique organ   Brandon plays a pump organ, NYC   Antique Pump Organ   Mason and Hamlin pump organ   boogie woogie on pump organ  
Mason & Hamlin Liszt Foot-Pump Reed Organ, Pt. 1 - by Artis Wodehouse   Reeds and stops explained
A Reed Organ Recital. (1879 Clough & Warren Organ.)
  Here is one of the expensive ones in a museum. It sounds beautiful.Reed Organ  


The Entertainer on Pianola   Bye Bye Blackbird Duo Art pianola   Tells about parts of Pianola   Kickin' the clouds Away   shows bottom of instrument   In The Good Old Summertime Player Piano   Stars and Stripes forever   Popular songs from 1890-1902 medley on player piano Automatic player piano - Pianola  

Radio The Magic Eye

1895 Graphophone   History Of   History 2  Edison Polyphone  1903 Columbia  Edison Cylinder Excelsior Cylinder  Gramophone 3rd man theme   His Masters Voice
  Camptown races Do Daa  Blue Eyed Blond
1901 Orch Making Rca Victor records 1   Making 2  How Vinyl Records are made 2000

A majority of today's 12th grade graduates could not even pass the 6th grade examination of a hundred years ago. Here it is. Can they pass the 1890 6th grade test?
Teacher's Contract    as follows     May not have company of men, Must be home by 8 pm, Must not loiter in ice-cream stores, May not leave town without permission, May not smoke or drink, May not ride in a carriage or auto with any man, Must not dress in bright colors, Must wear at least two petticoats, No makeup, Must sweep and scrub classroom floor, Must build wood fire at 7 am, Must not get married. Must be able to survive on $75 a month and buy all children's school supplies out of that also.

Music Music  
Player Piano Tequila  50s And 60sTv Commercials
Bobby Vinton new words to Old Lang Syne
Carl Sagan on Who speaks for Earth? I have no gripe against that other soldier and he has no gripe against me. We both have kids. So explain to me why we should kill each other. If you want to go to war so much you rich politician then you go. Don't send me or my sons and daughters to be killed so you can make money. Most wars can be prevented with discussions. There are better ways to solve disputes than killing. In most wars the innocent die, the guilty and greedy get rich. If they launch the nuclear missiles we will all die. Lets plan and work on securing Peace between all. But still we must be Informed, Vigilant and we must be Prepared to defend our town and neighborhood because the army will not be there.
I Ain't Marching Anymore - Phil Ochs 2000s

The Entertainment culture grows Great Movie Scores One    Two    Three    Four   

Definition of History Definition of History from the Meriam-Webster Dictionary "a chronological record of significant events (as affecting a nation or institution) often including an explanation of their causes" Many Americans have died because of 9-11 and because of terrorists.
Islamists second WTC Attack 9-11 Islamists Attack on Pentagon   911 twin towers crash footage     Attack on America    Classical 9-11 Tribute
Even Horses tribute    must see  Proud to be an American WTC WTC PHOTOS 9/11    INSIDE 9/11 : ZERO HOUR part 1   9-11 part 2    9-11 part 3    9-11 part 4     "9/11" full length 2006 version   We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore US Airforce version    vulgar version
About the ideology of the men who performed the two attacks on the WTC and Pentagon, and the underwear bomber over Detroit, and the Times Square bomber, and the shoe bomber, and the Ft Hood killer as he shouted praise to Allah as he killed multiple people just to name a few of the hundreds of them. Look to see what book commands them to do this and what reward is promised. To see the truth about this ideology just look at human rights in countries they have taken over. Look at Women's and girl's rights. Look at girl's education and opportunity in their society. Do a Google search on "child brides" and honor killings. Look at how people are punished and for what. Look at "Freedom of Religion" in these countries. See what they do to non believers. See for yourself. You will discover there is a big difference in what they tell you their ideology does and what they really do in practice once they get a majority in a country.
9.11.01 World Trade Center Attack    Who was responsible and how many have really died since?   Just look at their actions. Actions speak louder than words. We have discovered that we cannot always trust their words.
Proud to be an American WTC     The Rising Bruce Springsteen ~ a tribute to the 9/11 attacks     Flag Stands for Freedom    God Bless the USA Lee Greenwood     

Iraq and Afghanistan Iraq and Afghanistan   Please look at this great CNN site for a minute, then Please click on List view and scroll down. Please. And think about were any of these points on the maps worth the dear price that was paid? Why are we not learning from history? Or are there other factors involved. Yes. Follow the money trail.
Our Iraq Heroes    The following is for people with mature minds that think in terms of reality.  Shootout! Iraq's Ambush Alley 5
  The following is for those folks in the entertainment and TV culture who think war scenes should be banned because they are not soft and confortable and who complain about the noise of the guns or of occasional swearing of soldiers. Remember when they blow up a group of innocent people and kill children just say to the RI terrorists Please stop doing that it is not polite to bloody up the neighborhood. Please come to the USA where we taxpayers will support you and all of your relatives. Now hand me your gun and bomb you shouldn't be playing with those. Pictures of the real war in Iraq with music

War in Iraq     Inside the Iraq War     Iran-Iraq War 1980 to 1988 Part 1
  US troops attacked and ambushed
  I did not include gorey videos or ones showing our men in pieces or the speech for the most part directed at the islamists responsible by men who just lost their friends. But you will have to forgive soldiers language because when you have just put your best friends body parts into a body bag one is not inclined to hold back ones feelings and expression of them in soldier language. I can assure you that the scenes you see here are only a glimpse of battle and what our men and women have gone thru is in many cases a lot worse than this for months on end. Remember each shot you hear could mean the end of a life for us or them. This is real real real not like the movies where actors get up and walk away.
  History channel Shootout 1    Shootout! Iraq's Ambush Alley 2
  Shootout! Iraq's Ambush Alley 5     D-Day Fallujah 1    Fallujah 2     Fallujah 3
    Fallujah 4     Fallujah 5     Shootout! Iraq's Ambush 3     Shootout! Iraq's Ambush Alley 4

Very Important American Legion Warning to US
  Afghanistan     Our Afghanistan    Heroes     Support Our Troops    A Soldier's War
  SAS The Search For Warriors     Your Freedom's not Free     Kris Kristofferson The Hero
    Patriotic Song About America     U.S. Navy SEALs in Afghanistan - CBS 60 Minutes
  Close Ambush from Taliban     The Battle for Marjah
    Frontline SAS SBS in Afghanistan     Discovery Special Operations
  U.S Marine Tribute - My Sacrifice     If I die Before You Wake    Superman Soldier tribute
  Endorse Liberty     If your reading this     When I'm Gone Tribute to the Troops
    US Military Tribute - Far Away - Nickleback     Ron Paul tells a truth nobody wants to hear
  Give Peace A Chance     Memorial     Must see Thanks    50 seconds  

To see ANTI GREED AKA OCCUPY click Here     See Lessons and comments from looking at history Click on Lessons of History
Our Flag flies for Freedom with  Liberty and Justice for all

  Remember Your Freedom is not Free
Old Lang Syne

        9/11 Freedom Isn't Free (Tribute to Heros & Victims )    God Bless the USA 4 minutes to remember - 9/11 tribute     Memorial Day Video    The True Meaning of Memorial Day
  Fallen Soldiers Tribute
  Love will find a way

Many died

The Easiest Language     International Vocabulary     to save lives, time and money     Bits of Wisdom
  summary Ample for All Can Be Created     Workable Solutions to the Problems of Our Time
  Ample for All full version  

  Carl Sagan Speaks  Something very important.
  Who Speaks for Earth Part 1 Who Speaks for Earth Part 2
Who Speaks for Earth Part 4    Cosmos Episode 13: Who Speaks for Earth Part 5
  Cosmos Episode 12: Encyclopedia Galactica Part 2 of 7
Cosmos Episode 13: Who Speaks for Earth Part 6     "Who Speaks for Earth?" episode 13 ending    
Take A Deep Breath of Fall | Pure Michigan
  Wonderful New words to Old Lang Syne     IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME
Read what Lee Iacocca has to say

Ray Stevens - Come to the USA    

Most of our Pioneers came from other places. I have done research in the following places and provide here a place to preserve that history.

California Michigan Branch County

Fairgrove Michigan Tuscola County

Turkey in The Straw

    Public Officials and Rulers Past and Present Click Here
Read what Lee Iacocca has to say

Some serious Questions arise. Or should they just be ignored?

Thank God we still have freedom of speech to ask these Questions. Or as in the movie Enemy of The State (a must see movie) will Big Brother trample us?
Heroes Are Hard to Find (lyrics)

What About the Future?

This is my Country BEAUTIFUL Memorial
  My Country Tis of Thee
World Trade Center Memorial with beautiful Music BEAUTIFUL We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore US Airforce version  We're Not Gonna Take It lyrics   Proud to be an American WTC  
This site states opinions which are also the opinions of most Americans. Political correctness often means censorship.

Easiest Language     Eo Our American Heritage is the Golden Rule practiced by most Americans for over 200 years.
Humans in communities across the United States and the world need a Code of Conduct for all Humans. That Code of Conduct should be: Bring no harm to another by your actions or inaction, Don't do to others what you would not want done to yourself. In other words Love one Another and Kindness needs to be the standard. This should be made the expectation of all human conduct. Those who seriously violate this or support those who deprive others of their full human rights, and those who support killing, should be deported to a DPI (deserted pacific island.) Rather than spend $25-35,000 a year each to wearhouse career criminals (about 1/5 of our state budget) let's ship them to a DPI(deserted Pacific island). This includes AIG executives and other greedy CEOs and bankers who forced many hard working families out of their homes. We need to create Ample For All not wealth for the greedy. We the working people are fed up with being exploited. We demand equal and fair treatment. We should get the same medical, and retirement as members of congress. No CEO or other officer of an organization should be allowed to receive more than 10 times the rate of the lowest paid employee.
For too long we have been complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members Congress could retire with same pay after only one term and they specifically exempted themselves from many laws passed while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest was to Healthcare Reform ... in all its forms. So the elite are above law.

About health care. Have a knowledgeable team of non corporate and non politicans study the matter and find solutions. After all if many other countries can provide decent health care for their citizens so can we. Many poorer countries have better health care than we do. Adopt solutions that benefit all of the American people not corporations.

It doesn't matter if they are Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Congress should be correcting and passing laws that serves and protects us citizens, not just the rich and special interest groups. We need an independent party of the people, not these rich guy clubs whose purpose is to fill their bank accounts with our hard earned money. While most of us struggle just to pay the bills, did you know congress just got another big raise in the thousands of dollars to go along with their free healthcare, outrageous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, and unlimited paid sick days, (now that's welfare.) Perhaps we should throw them all out. A Constitutional Convention - this is a good way to do that. It is an idea whose time has come. This is one proposal that really should be passed around.
Make The Golden Rule the expectation and standard of human conduct.

Bring no harm to another by your actions or inaction