Perkins Cemetery Fairgrove Michigan

Resting place of our Pioneers and Grandparents

How are they being remembered by their grandchildren and the people of Tuscola County?


We need help to know who is buried here.
We would like to restore and reset the stones but
are lacking in information as to names, dates and locations.
Please send records to
If you have family buried here Please contact Wesley Arnold or Brenda Trisch.
We need to know of others who would like to help us in restoring this historical place.

Here is information to be found on photos Wesley Arnold made from the stones at Perkins.
Brenda will be updating this with more thorough examinations of the visible stones.  Note many stones are damaged, weathered or missing.  They may be buried or in the creek.  We could make new cement markers.  We could coat the old stones with weather-proofing sealer.   Please send corrections to us. 

Location two miles North of Fairgrove Michigan in Tuscola County at 4360 Duther Road 4/10 of a mile East of Ringle Road  and  one and 3/10 mile east of Thomas Road loser to Akron Michigan.
???????? aged 74 neg 9
?Ce?re?e?e  dau of J & EB m 1872 more words neg 14
?danm?r? 1806? more words ??/ neg 139
?meaend?? dau of Cae?om H?unda born 1858 died Dec ? 1861 neg 133
?Moreis? W  died Aug? 4 1879 neg 156
?yrrs died ?1880 aged ? neg 126
Amanda M. Sep.14,1818,Feb.189(3?).........
broken stone neg 127
Buchanan, Lyle born July 25 1894 died Nov 6 1894  Our little darling neg 1 & 2   
Bussing, Alberta  Oct 16 1889 aged 16 neg 160
Catherine d.June 23,18_8,13y.,2mo.,2d......
Catherine wife of  broken stone neg 142
Charles and Mary Jane are on the lg. one MaryI.? on sm one
Crane GW. d.Dec.2.1890 aged 41y,11mo.
Crane, C W died Dec 2 1890 aged 41 years 10 months
Cranston David (E.?) d.Oct.12,1896 aged 68y,3mo below David's name I could not make out.
Cranston Jennie d. Feb.28,1880 aged 14y,1mo,3d  neg 4 next to it mother and father stones and flag the lg. stone had
Davis, Bennie b. Mar.10,1896 d. Apr.14,1896.........
Dec 24 1aged  years  19 Ms 8 days Neg 6
Ducher, infant son of CSE Ducher died Mar 15 1876
Dutcher Edward 1862-1892.....
Dutcher Infant son of C. and EA. d. Mar.15,1876....
Dutcher, Edward, neg 131
Dutcher, Geo 84 Nov 26 1931 From records
Dutcher, No Name D.O.D. 15-Mar-1876 Place Fairgrove, Male, White, Single,age 2 days Father Charles W. Dutcher, Mother Eliza A. Dutcher............
E.A.P. neg 151
Eddy, Edwin J born Sept 14 1850 died Jan 16 1910  neg 144
Edward more words 1884-18?? needs chalk 1881-1856 neg 143
Edwin Eddy b. Sept.14,1850,d.Jan.16 1910.......
Evans H.J. son of John & Anna 7m,10d....b.July22,1893 d. Mar. 3, 1894
Francis Rachel b.Nov.28,1877,d.Feb.1,1904......
Francis, Harriet Aug.5,1843,Jan.16,1913.......
Francis, Harriott Aug 5 1843 Mar 1? 1913 more words ??? neg 136
Francis, Rachel born Nov 28 1877 died Feb 1, 1901 more words??? neg 137
Gardner Morris W. d. April4,1879 under A. and has flag same stone
Green Emma D/OF JH and M,d. aged 29yXXX?and everthing under that was not legible.....
Green Mary W/OF James H d. May 18 1881 aged 19y,(1M?),22d......
Green, Emma daughter of J??? M Green died Dec 2? 1881 more words neg 148
Green, Mary wife of James H Green died May 18 1881 aged 19 neg 149
Haines ???,1884-18?? under that is Edward 1881-1896.......
Hazen Hulda A Aug 24 1840 Sept 1 1907 neg 123 & 124
Hazen Hulda A.(Hazen)Wife Aug.24,1840,Sept.1,1907...
Hazen Merit 59 July 31 1931 From records
Hazen, Alfred Aug  9, 1832 C?2a 29 Mich? neg 123 & 124
Hazen, Alfred Aug.9,1832.......CO.A.29 MICH VO
Hazen, Hurman F 66 May 27 1936 From records
Higley, Josiah died Feb 8 1877 aged 88 3 mo (1 or 11 d)
Huldah wife of Josiah d.May 18,1878
Jannett Mrs. D/OF J.M_td__ll,died Aug.11,1876........
Jennie E. D/OF GE and MH Fonda b. Nov.22,1858,d. Dec.22,1861 on her birthday, How Sad.......
Kent Maggie W/OF Peirl C., died July 7,1907 aged 17y,2m,29d this one has the tree next to the grave........
Kent, Maggie M beloved wife of Peirl C Kent died July 7 1907
Klatt Emma b. May 26,1878 d. June 17,1911
Lacko SERGT. Stephen.........CO.A.179 Ohio INF. Flag also....
Lacko, Stephen  SERGT CO A 179 ohio INF neg 141
Margaret wife broken stone neg 128
Margret wife of...stone broken........
Mary  I? wife of  broken stone neg 153
McC??lurg,  John J died Oct 11 1885 aged 45 years more words neg 138
McClurg John J. d.45y,11m.............
Meyerhoff John d. May (8?) 1893 aged 88y,6mo.,14d...
Meyerhoff unreadable neg 150
Meyerhoff, John  ? 8 1893 neg 146
Midd-oton George E. S/OF J.(FW?) died Dec.9,18(59?).....
Mitchell, James born 1836 died ?? neg 129
Mitchellb James.Apr?18,1856?,d._?_?1893.....
Myers, Freonie?
Nowland Mother of my living friend Eda J. (POST) b. June 21,1892 d.June 21, 1987
Nowland, Eda J June 21 1892 June 21 1987 neg 134
Owen Emma wife of Fred (OWEN?) d. 1891 Sept. (9?)........
Partlo Mother the mother stone has Prov.34v.8??
Partlo the father stone has Psalm 116v.15  Prescious in the sight more words neg 155
Partlo, Charles born Nov 3 1824 died april 19 1902 neg 154
Partlo, Mary Jame wife of Charles born Oct 31 1836 died Sept 23 1901 neg 154
Post Eddie neg 135  Post Adaimay neg 135
Post Elvert J neg 135
Post father,mother Benjamin Mar.12,18(17?),Dec. 14,1896
Post stone  next to Mary 1860-1915, Henry J.1844-1905 and under that stone is Elvert J. ,Eddie,Ada May....
Post, Amanda M sept 14 1818 Feb 4 1893 neg 130
Post, Claie 81 Mar 17 1977 lot E post lot From records
Post, Enjamin Mar 18 1817 Dec 14 1895 neg 130
Post, Henry J 1844 1905 neg 135
Post, Mary I? 1860 1915 neg 135
Powell? Mary Ellen 24y,10mo,8d Dec 24  neg 05was next to Issac Powell Sm stone Husband lg. one had Issac Powel  d. April 10, 1892ag 78, neg 159 and then another stone next to it not read wife of (?)d.Feb.17 1881 aged 24y Johnson neg 158 then lg. space in between Johnson, Prestie L. son of LR&RE Johnson d Oct.21,1895 13m,22d neg 157 Mother thou ??? held and lovely ???? the ?????? neg 5
Prov 31 26  She stepped berroal??? wisdom and in her longve was like dopi of kindness herchildren arrs e up and call  her blessed neg 152
Robinson Madora W/OF John d.Nov.8,1891 aged 17y,5mo.......
Robinson, ?Madura, wife of John Robinson died Nov 3 1891 aged 18 neg 147
Rock marker in cement neg 14
Schmitzer, John CO M 3 Mich Cav neg 122
Scmitzer John CO.M.3MICH.CAV.....................
small stone E.A.P........
Smith, S.S.   d.Jan11,1893 aged 21yr years neg 10  Smith base neg 11
W.P. small stone neg 153
Wilber May or Mary aged 39 yr. neg 8  Erected by Grandpa and Grandma neg 12
Wilber Randall, aged 31 years neg 7
Wilber W.H. 1854-1913 Under is Ida Bell D/OF 1867-1884.........

  Aprox size 122 feet E/W by 259 feet.N/S.  Cemetery is full.  No more burials permitted.